Dramatis personae

a doctor (nanga) of repute with a crippled leg. (This role is usually played by the woman in charge of initiation)
his wife who is mentally sick
 Madavhula Sananga
a diviner (mungome) who has all but two of his fingers missing, because they were eaten by a leopard when he was hunting
Madavhula's wife, who falls in love with Dzimani
 Vho-maine Mashashule
a specialist (maine) in unravelling cases of divorce: a specialist in the medical, rather than the legal, sense
 Chief Thovhela
who should carry a knobkerry
  Thovhela's young wife (mu)
 Chief Tshishonge
who should carry a bow and arrow
    his young wife
 Mutshena (or Mukudanyi )
Thovhela's dog
 Mashango (or Zwimbiluni )
Tshishonge's dog